Coca-Cola bottle most recognised brand packaging

The iconic Coca-Cola bottle has been named as the most recognised brand packaging in a survey of 1,500 British consumers. Research conducted by events planners Easyfairs found the famous drink’s bottle was more identifiable than the packaging any other participants, even where the red and white logo was not present. Design Director at The Coca-Cola […]

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Nestlé leads call to improve fuel efficiency in Europe

Food giant Nestlé is calling for greater EU input on improving fuel efficiencies and standards by writing to the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker demanding action on the issue. Along with other worldwide brands, logistics companies and environmental organisations, Nestlé is pressing for Europe to adopt the same regulations currently in place in China, Japan and the […]

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Peroni success down to “skillful, storytelling marketing”

The ongoing success of Peroni beers and lagers has been driven by a skillful, storytelling marketing campaign, according to its owners SABMiller. The premium alcohol brand has heralded a continuing growth period in the face of plateauing beer sales. This has been attributed to the selective and discerning nature adopted by the company’s marketing strategy. SABMiller CEO Alan […]

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CILT and ITN to collaborate on new Supply Chain show

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) and ITN are set to coproduce a news and current affairs programme series examining the modern supply chain industry. Hosted by newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky, the show hopes to stimulate debate within the sector and will discuss issues affecting the profession. Set to premiere next month on the […]

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Heineken sets up new marketing drive

Global brewing company Heineken has launched a new marketing campaign focusing on music and technology. It hopes to overcome challenges within the music scene that pose brand association difficulties by targeting festival events and linking technological advancements to promote a holistic experience. Anuraag Trikha, Heineken’s Global Brand Communication Director, said: “We’ll be doing more experiential […]

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7 biggest threats to global Supply Chain

The British Standards Institute (BSI) has identified the biggest challenges the global supply chain network is likely to face this year in a recent report. Seven key concerns have been highlighted, which could pose the greatest disruption for companies resulting in financial losses and blights on reputations. These threats include global health issues like the […]

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Automated lorries set for UK trials

Automated lorries are to be tested on a UK motorway this year, after Chancellor George Osborne gave approval to the idea during the March Budget. The Times reported earlier in the month that exploratory tests had been approved with the aim of reducing congestion and creating speedier deliveries. Undoubtedly, if implemented, these driverless vehicles will […]

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Companies urged to take part in CILT European Supply Chain Day 2016

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) is urging UK supply chain firms to organise activities for this year’s European Supply Chain Day, which takes place in April. Businesses are being encouraged to actively promote the logistics and supply chain industry with the aim of demonstrating to the wider public the crucial role it plays […]

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Marketing study determines three key growth factors

The top three marketing strategies for large companies targeting growth this year have been revealed in a recent survey. Marketing research group B2B International’s study found branding, customer satisfaction and value marketing are the key factors to be considered for businesses across Europe and North America. It suggests this will lead to achieving desired growth […]

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Logistics sector to be affected by new EU legislation

A new range of European Union (EU) logistics regulations to do with how goods are transported across EU borders is set to come into force from May 1 this year. The Union Customs Code (UCC) has been devised as an updated version of the Modernised Business Code (MCC). Detailed guidance for UK businesses has been […]

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